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What is "rendee design"?


 “Rendee Design” is the name of a design company which was established in July, 2011 by the Thai designer (director of the company) in his hometown, Sampatong, which is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The director of Rendee Design has more than ten years of experience in molding arts and product designing in Japan. “Ren” in “rendee” is derived from the Thai word “lên” which means play (or enjoy oneself), and “dee” signifies good (or well). With the fundamental concept of playing well and thinking well, we are trying to produce things with the people of Chiang Mai by making good use of local materials and techniques in Chiang Mai. Moreover, Rendee Design emphasizes on producing only what is needed, and is making every endeavor to prevent the waste of materials in the manufacturing process.


rendee design   と は、日本にて造形美術、デザインの経験を10年以上積んだタイ人が2011年7月に故郷タイ・チェンマイのキューレールアンにてはじめたデザイン会社の名 前です。renとはタイ語の“lên”が語源で遊ぶという意味がありdeeにはよいという意味があります。良く遊び、良く考えるをコンセプトにチェンマイ にある素材や技術を生かし、チェンマイの人々と共に歩めるモノづくりを目指しています。又、レンディ・デザインは、必要な物を必要な分だけ作ることを推奨 し、製造過程においても極力、材料の無駄を出さないよう努力しています。